BMW International BMW X5 Dealer Drive

Valencia, 2007.

International BMW X5 Dealer Drive

Client BMW Group
Description The temporary 2,500 sqm building, specifically developed for the four-week event, is a physical manifestation of the BMW CI with its both classical and contemporary design language. Blending inside and outside spaces and offering a playful approach to the effect of lines of light and lines of sight, the building gives visitors a truly sensual experience of the brand and its products. The pavillion impresses the industry with its re-use rate of more hen 85% of its materials.


Our assignment: concept, planning, supervision of the production and implementation of the building’s architecture and technical equipment, as well as concept, planning and realisation of content, design and dramaturgy for the entire event.

Project type Trade Fairs and Exhibition Design
Country Spain
Photography Ken Schluchtmann, diephotodesigner


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