Goodbye Vivienne | Fashion Show of Class Vivienne Westwood

Berlin, 2005.

Goodbye Vivienne | Fashion Show
of Class Vivienne Westwood

Client Vivienne Westwood
Description Berlin Tempelhof, 2005: the city airport is still operating at full steam. While the final flight of the day is being handled at the airport, the stage construction team starts moving their gear into the departure hall – a logistical endeavor planned right down to the finest detail. Three hours later, one of the biggest fashion shows in Berlin takes off!


Fashion show: concept design, planning, fundraising and implementation for the Vivienne Westwood class graduating from the Universität der Künste Berlin / University of the Arts Berlin.

Supported by Flughafen Berlin Tempelhof, SN Brussels Airlines, Do&Co Berlin GmbH, ICT AG, Service für Showtechnik SFS Project, United Decorations GmbH, MAS Showtec, Neumann & Müller GmbH, Kristian Schuller, Georg Stummer and many more.

Project type Staging and Event
Country Germany
Photography Katja Hoffmann, Sonja Mueller


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