seeFASHION Hybrid Graduate Fashion Film Premiere

Berlin, 2021.

seeFASHION Hybrid Graduate
Fashion Film Premiere
at the Haus der Statistik

Client Kunsthochschule Weißensee
Description On the 13th of July was the final performance infant of a large audience who enjoyed the unique hybrid fashion performance with the projected catwalk stretching over 60 meters. The setting provided a calm and very accessible experience focusing on the fashion design itself.

Many thanks to Kathi Kæppel & Madlen Schmid for the co-creation of the concept and to the directors pet&flo which have brought the concept to live. Photos by Tiffany Chaves and most models from VIVA ServiceAgentur GmbH.

Models: Carlotta, Christopher, Damian, Duc, Emil, Leevke, Marc, One, Yvonne
VIVA Models: Frieda, Ida, Illana, Lisa, Simge, Wiebke

Project type Trade Fairs and Exhibition Design
Country Germany
Photography Tiffany Chaves, Heike Overberg, Matthias Einhoff


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